Joseph Paul Homes, one of the most unique and innovative new home builders in Dallas, Texas, combines the best of historically correct home design with exceptional customer service and quality construction to create a one of a kind luxury home building experience throughout the area’s most notable neighborhoods.

Whether Traditional or Contemporary in your style, Joseph Paul Homes will combine the latest construction materials and techniques with your individuality, lifestyle and taste with Joseph Paul Homes’ quality, Joseph Paul Homes’ value and Joseph Paul Homes renowned customer service to design and craft a home and haven for your family.

With over a century of Architectural Design, New Home Building, Pool Construction and Customer Service experience on their resume, the architect, team of designers, and builders at Joseph Paul Homes draw upon their individual strengths and complementary backgrounds to build your family’s home. The entire team of Joseph Paul Homes has invested years to establish an unparalleled tradition of home building pride and excellence – and it shows in every home we build. The team at Joseph Paul Homes has personally been involved with building hundreds of new homes in Dallas/Ft Worth’s finest neighborhoods and communities.

Our difference is a unique combination of the time-honored, traditional “Client–Architect” relationship beginning with the architectural design and expanded into the construction process to create a one of a kind home which is uniquely yours. We work with you to design, decorate and build a home your family can be proud of today – and generations to come!


We are unique; we “build them like they used to” – the only guidepost we use is you!

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